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Bedrooms & Bathrooms

When you open your window you hear the murmuring of the river Seine. Very calming and a heaven of peace.

There are eight bedrooms available on the first floor. There are 3 bedrooms on the westside of the castle. The "Blue Room" has a magnificent castle tower where you can relax, read a book or enjoy the park. This room has 1 kingsize bed available. Next to this room is a private bathroom with a whirlpool bath. The "Yellow Room" has two single beds and bathroom and is on the front of the castle. The "Pink Room", the biggest of all, has 1 kingsize bed and 2 single beds and also a magnificent tower. It also has a bathroom with shower.

On the east side of the castle are 3 more bedrooms. On this side you can enjoy the sunrise and you can admire the deer grazing in the morning (if you're not too noisy). The "Red Room" contains 1 kingsize bed and 1 single bed and its own bathroom with shower,... The "Ivory Room" has a kingsize bed and bathroom with shower. The "Green Room" has 2 single beds and is the only bedroom without a bathroom. A cot is also available in this room.

The Great Castle Tower has two bedrooms with each a bathroom available. In each bedroom are 2 single beds. A fantastic painted 'marble' hallway leads you to the Great Castle Tower. You can close this hallway so you can separate it from the rest of the castle. Giving you more privacy if required.

View the living spaces

Living spaces

The central hall provides access to several rooms on the ground floor. The large "summer salon" is on the right. For the musicians there is a beautiful grand piano. This room is bathing in the sun for almost the entire day. Behind the summer salon will you find a cozy living room which is smaller (called "winter salon"). From this room you can see the swimming pool and outbuildings. All furnishings have been chosen to make it easy for you. The furniture is not displayed like a museum, making you feel like you're not welcome. All furniture is there for your comfort.

From the entrance hall you can also go straight ahead to the dining room. You will find a majestic, modern table from one block of granite. The majestic chairs will make you feel like royals. It is very pleasant to have breakfast together, or enjoy another meal.

You could also have chosen to go to the left from the large entrance hall. You will then go to the monumental staircase to reach the first floor. On your left from the staircase is the beautiful noble library.

On the right hand side of the staircase is the linen room but more important do you have next to it a very modern equipped kitchen, including a 'wet room' and a hugh, full oak, table. This kitchen is completely new (steam-oven, microwave, electric oven, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer,...). Our guests do spend the majority of their time in this place to cook and dine together. The big dining table can easily seat 16 adults, and the small table 6 adults. This kitchen also kept its authentic elements with a huge stove in porcelain, a spit, a large fireplace and so on. In the back of the large kitchen will you find a second staircase. This staircase was used by the servants.